Sex Reversal Spray

R800.00 inc. VAT

Force female cannabis plants to produce feminized pollen in as little as 25 days.
Use this pollen to pollinate another female cannabis plant and it will produce 99.99% feminized cannabis seeds.



Sex Reversal Spray

by Dizzy Buddha Genetics

Make your own feminized cannabis seeds

Now you can keep your favourite phenos in the form of feminized seeds or make your own strain by crossing one strain with another (provided you know how basic breeding works). This spray is super easy to use and possibly the most effective feminizing spray we have ever used and trust us when we say that we’ve tried them all #phenokeeper. You can expect fat nugs that are made up of only pollen sacs, we really cannot recommend this spray enough!

Dizzy Buddha Genetics have been awesome enough to let us be one of their first official retailers in the South African cannabis market.

The spray consists of 2 parts: The base solution and the activator. When mixed they add up to 250ml of sex reversal spray which dispenses 250 sprays.
Once solution is mixed it must be refrigerated and must be used within 1 month of mixing. Until the solution has been mixed the spray and activator are shelf stable for 12 months (check the best before date on the bottom of the bottle).